BOTW: Tired Hands Brewing Co.

After trying a pint of the Weed Eater IPA at Monk’s Café in downtown Philly, visiting Tired Hands Brewing Company became a top priority during our recent beer trip to the Northeast. The hazy, light gold, oat-brewed IPA had a deliciously crisp aroma smelling of tropical fruits with a clean, balanced taste of mild malts and citric hops The Weed Eater set an excellent precedent for the rest of the trip.

The commute to Ardmore from Philly is relatively short and certainly worth the trip. Ardmore has a pleasant, quaint downtown area, spanning a few blocks with a handful of nice, local restaurants, shops, coffee shops, and TWO Tired Hands’ breweries.

Tired Hands first opened their ‘Brew Café’ in 2012 in a neat old, two-story brick building. The minds behind building the Brew Café have done a wonderful job creating a unique, intimate, and personal setting for customers. Upon entering the building, you immediately notice the small brewhouse, just a few feet away from the bar. The bar serves as both a pouring area, as well as a small ‘open air’ kitchen, where you can watch your food being prepared. Upstairs you will find additional seating and another bar. The Brew Café’s smaller brewhouse serves as an excellent place for the brewers to experiment with new recipes and offers customers an opportunity to try some of THBC’s most adventurous brews.

About a block away from the Brew Café is the Tired Hands Fermentaria. The Fermentaria is a much larger space and serves as the THBC main ‘production facility’. Fortunately for patrons, the Fermentaria also has a large bar area and dining room. The brewhouse is not enclosed in glass and makes for a wonderful aromatic experience, if you are lucky enough to visit during a good brew boil. The Fermentaria also offers as many as 12 THBC beers on tap, many of which are different than what you would find at the Brew Café.

Tired Hands strives to provide a highly localized menu at both the Brew Café and the Fermentaria. They bake their bread on site and offer a large variety of locally sourced meats, cheeses, and produce. The menus at the two locations are completely independent of one another. The Brew Café offers lighter optionssuch as appetizers, paninis, and some delicious ‘craft’ pickles, while theFermentaria has a more full menu of tacos, sandwiches, and entrées.

If you are in or near the Philadelphia area, we highly recommend the trip out to Ardmore to visit the two Tired Hands Brewing locations! Both have a delightful atmosphere, great food, and very special brews – The creativity behind this whole operation is very impressive.

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