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Red Hare Brewing Co.

Marietta, GA.


We’ve recently done quite a bit of brewery ‘market research’ all over the Southeast, and particularly in the Atlanta area. We were absolutely delighted when we came across Red Hare Brewing Company in Marietta, GA. Marietta is technically “OTP” (Outside the Perimeter), but is only about 15 miles up I-75 from downtown Atlanta. It’s a very easy drive on a weekend!


Red Hare first officially opened their doors in May of 2011 and have experienced quite a bit of growth since then. Their Long Day Lager, Gangway IPA, and Watership Brown Ale are offered year round and can be found all throughout GA and have even expanded into parts of Tennessee and South Carolina. Red Hare was the first brewery in GA to start canning their beers and these three ‘flagships’ are all very smooth, highly drinkable and make for a perfectly balanced variety pack. 

Craft Beer Georgia
Craft Beer Atlanta

It is rare for a microbrewery of Red Hare’s size to brew both ales and lagers – The uniqueness of their recipes doesn’t end there. They can several other beers, offer a good variety of seasonal options, collaborate with other local breweries on recipes, and even make rootbeer! Their brewery and taproom, which is currently undergoing an exciting renovation, is a great place to test out their more experimental recipes – Watch out for the Rabbit’s Reserve specialty one-offs and go get some if you ever have a chance.


The taproom is also a very enjoyable place to spend an afternoon. Open Thursday through Saturday, they often host local bands and have a good sized outdoor setup for corn hole and other lawn games. The place can get pretty crowded on weekends, but the pourers are experienced, the flowing taps are plentiful, and the there’s generally no real wait time to get a fresh brew.


Overall, Red Hare is doing great things and we’re so glad to have them located near the Craft Crawler headquarters. The brewery was founded by a couple of buddies who started as basement brewers, perfected a few recipes, and took the plunge into commercial brewing – It seems like they made the right call and we can’t wait to check out the new expansion. Keep ‘chasing that rabbit’! 

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