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The fastest and easiest way to connect with over 5,000 mircrobreweries and brewpubs nationwide.

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"For beer snobs, Craft Crawler is your map to some delicious hops. The app helps you find breweries nearby, as well as tell you all about their special brews, happy hours, and possible brewery tours."



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"With so many breweries popping up seemingly overnight, how can you possibly discover all of them? The guys at Craft Crawler are here to show you the way."

                                                                                                                      - Hypepotamus

"The App Uncapping America's Breweries"


"This is how you’re about to find all those wondrous places that make beer, serve beer and may or may not have other highly coveted beer-related amenities."



- Urban Daddy

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Find breweries near me
About Craft Crawler

Greetings everyone! We hope you have enjoyed using the Craft Crawler app, website, and online brewery directory. Our goal is to build an accurate and useful resource for craft beer drinkers and brewery owners. If you notice a mistake, or know of a new brewery that we are missing, please get in touch.


The Craft Crawler website and app is a side-project, operated by a father-son team in Atlanta, GA. We are long time homebrewers, who visit microbreweries and brewpubs whenever we can. We know that fumbling through traditional search engines to find local breweries can be difficult, inaccurate, and time consuming - So we're making it easier.


Brewers! To help us stay accurate, we encourage you to Register Your Brewery for Free. It only takes a few minutes and allows you to edit the information about your brewery, as well as add some additional information to your brewery’s profile. Better yet, become a Partner Brewery and improve your reach to our 20,000+ users while helping us improve our service.


Please download, like, share, and tell your friends about Craft Crawler! We've got big plans for building new interactive features, as well as expanding across additional mobile platforms, but need your help in order to reach our full potential. Cheers!





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